the days of the black bird ( 2022 )

The days of the blackbird ( I giorni della merla ) in Italy are called the last three days of January and are supposed to be the coldest days of the year.

Based on the temperatures of these days, it was thought to be possible to predict whether winter would end soon or whether it would still last a long time.

In January 2022 my father passed away. I am afraid that winter will still last a long time.

You are free ... am I holding you?' Then he objected to him: 'No, what kind of answer is that? No, go from my memory, then I'll be free...” [M.B.]

“throw the rock in the middle of the farmyard, if it's cloudy it will be sunny”
butta la roccia in mezzo all'aia, se è nuvolo verrà il sereno

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